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We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback – Viral Digital Creators

Are you looking for AWeber alternatives, for one reason or another?

We got you covered!

After thorough research and comparison, we managed to compile a detailed guide to the best AWeber alternatives currently on the market. 

Below, we’ll go through the following tools:

  1. AWeber (just an overview, so you can compare it to the rest)
  2. GetResponse
  3. ConvertKit
  4. ActiveCampaign
  5. Constant Contact

We found these 4 AWeber alternatives might be a better deal for you: price-wise and according to their features and functionalities.

We’ll judge them based on the following criteria:

  • Ease of Use — how easy it is to onboard and use the software.
  • Email Deliverability
  • Customer Support — speed and efficiency.
  • Feature Score — how feature-rich the platform is compared to the other AWeber alternatives from this list.
  • Pricing — how affordable and cost-effective the tool is for what it does.

Short on time?

See TL; DR:

  1. Choose GetResponse if you need an all-in-one, complete marketing automation platform for your B2B or ecommerce business.
  2. Choose ConvertKit if you’re an (online) content creator in need of email marketing automation.
  3. Choose ActiveCampaign if you need something robust to manage the customer experience.
  4. Choose Constant Contact if you want something simple to get your point across.

Here’s a quick table to summarize (find the detailed feature comparison at the bottom):

CriteriaAWeberGetResponseConvertKitActiveCampaignConstant Contact
Email deliverability45555
Customer support55555
Feature score45553
Total score4.2/54.8/54.4/54.4/54/5

If you took your time to examine these, stay tuned — this article goes in-depth.

Table Of Contents

AWeber — an overview

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 18.12.47

Since you’re here, you probably know what AWeber is — a tool that simplifies email marketing for small businesses.

It’s easy to use and has all the basics you might need ⭐. 

What we like about AWeber

  • Email marketing automation and capabilities — drag-and-drop makes things simple; custom drip campaigns are easy to execute with audience behavior-based triggers and auto-tags. 
  • HTML email templates — AWeber has a handful of responsive email templates, working just as well on mobile and desktop.
  • Landing Page Builder — you can create good looking landing pages in minutes, with step-by-step instructions to guide you. It has more than enough templates and images, and widgets are added with the mentioned drag-and-drop tool.
  • Web Push Notifications — stay connected to your customers without paying advertising fees; use WPNs to help them, sell more, and notify them of important things.
  • AWeber’s Atom app — a signup form for mobile so that you can grow the list on the go (iOS and Android apps available.)
AWeber features.

GetResponse vs. AWeber — see our verdict!

What we don’t like about AWeber

  • Analytics issues — AWeber cannot differentiate between subscribers and unsubscribers:
AWeber review from G2.


  • Outdated email templates — they are easy to customize but only contain the basics, like a handful of fonts or basic stock images
  • Weak visual customizations — no Giphy integration or built-in image editor.
  • No A/B testing options for landing pages
  • No analytics in the Free package — you’re kind of stranded unless you pay for the Pro plan.
  • Limited features – if you want to use webinars, conversion funnels, live chats, or paid ads, you’ll need to integrate AWeber with third-party tools
  • Limited language support – the platform and support are only available in English

In general, AWeber is a decent tool. Many features currently considered default need to be purchased and integrated subsequently, making it outdated and less cost-effective.

AWeber pricing

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 21.06.36

AWeber offers four pricing plans to support businesses at every stage of growth. The Free plan accommodates up to 500 subscribers and includes one email list, one landing page, and one email automation with basic templates and minimal reporting features.

The Lite and Plus plans offer more advanced features, starting at $12.5/mo and $20/mo respectively for up to 500 subscribers. The actual price of these plans change based on the number of subscribers on your list. Interestingly, they also have an Unlimited plan, offering unlimited number of subscribers and emails for $899/mo.

All paid plans come with 24/7 live support via email and chat. There’s no free trial as their basic plan is forever free.

Now, let’s take a look at AWeber alternatives that may do more for you 🔥! 

AWeber score

AWeber score.
We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback - Viral Digital Creators 32

AWeber alternative #1: GetResponse — reliable all-in-one marketing and sales funnel solution

GetResponse homepage.

Yep, this is our tool. 

But we’re not here to show off — GetResponse is one of the best AWeber alternatives, and we’re constantly working on making it even better. We’ll provide you with a 100% unbiased review and comparison (flaws and all.)

GetResponse is a full-fledged, comprehensive solution, meaning that you get a whole stack of automated marketing tools with one subscription

This includes email marketing, conversion funnel management, paid ads, signup forms, and more, with a single plan of your choice.

Here’s our honest and detailed tool review ⬇️.

Reasons to choose GetResponse

Personalization, automation, reliability: that’s what GetResponse strives for.

GetResponse features.

GetResponse’s core features include email marketing, marketing automation, and automated sales funnel — no third-party apps required.

Email marketing software enables you to create different emails and meet other goals with ease:

  • Rich email data analysis — enter specific criteria and pull data from your ecommerce store to create segments, personalize and deliver the messages at a perfect time; then, track the results to see how you can improve the stats and A/B test your messages
  • Design beautiful emails — use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create them from scratch; you can also browse the library of free, professionally-made templates, pick some and customize them with your branding and content.
  • Built-in AI tools — generate high-converting subject lines or entire newsletters with just a push of a button
  • Autoresponders — set up welcome emails, email courses, and lead nurturing sequences with ease
  • Increase revenue with shoppable emails — connect your online shop, add the products directly into the emails, and spice it up with related product recommendations; this reduces the number of clicks it takes to buy and wins back the abandoned carts.
GetResponse Email Creator.

Marketing automation builds unique customer journeys without the need for your micromanagement:

  • Powered by user behavior — GetResponse enables automated actions based on the user behavior; assign scores for engagement actions, and use that scoring system to segment the contacts — then run automated, personalized campaigns for each segment!
  • Better profiling with tags — building individual contact profiles is easier with an unlimited number of tags you can create and assign.
  • Automation templates — use the data, set the rules and conditions, and let the campaign roll; automation is precise, and you can enrich it further with a large number of integrations.
  • Perfect for ecommerce – once you’ve connected your store with GetResponse, you can run automated campaigns, like cart abandonment emails, product recommendations, and transactional emails.
GetResponse ecommerce solutions.

Automated sales funnels cover everything from ads to payments — you can pick:

  • Opt-in funnels to capture new leads from landing pages.
  • Lead magnet funnels to share valuable resources and get email addresses in return.
  • Sales funnels to promote, sell and deliver; conversion funnels are the most advanced feature, with support to help you as you go.
GetResponse Conversion Funnel visualization.
  • Webinar funnels (free and paid) to show your expertise.
  • Abandoned carts, recommended products, follow-ups.

Reasons not to choose GetResponse

We know that one size cannot possibly fit all. ☝️

These may be the reasons you won’t like GetResponse:

  • Duplicate contacts counted separately — even if it’s one and the same email address scattered across the different mailing lists, it will count separately on each list.
  • Fewer funnel types — GetResponse doesn’t support membership or affiliate funnels.

GetResponse pricing

Not to brag, but GetResponse pricing is some of the most flexible out there 🤸.

GetResponse pricing plan comparison.

Each plan allows you to pick the list size, starting with 500 (in the free plan) and going up to 10.000 — or you can get a completely custom plan.

If we get you hooked, you can choose monthly, yearly (18% off), and two-year (30% off) billing.

We also take pride in helping non-profits out with permanent 50% or 30% discounts.

The FREE plan is free forever and lets you create unlimited newsletters, a landing page and a website with a custom domain. It’s perfect for small businesses or solopreneurs who are just starting out.

Now, about the paid pricing plans:

  • Email marketing plan ($15.58 monthly for the smallest list) is the cheapest one, with email marketing, forms and popups, 1 landing page, and 1 website
  • Marketing automation plan ($48.38 monthly for the smallest list) comes with marketing automation workflows, advanced segmentation, contact scoring and tagging, webinars, and sales funnels.
  • Ecommerce marketing plan ($97.58 monthly for the smallest list) includes ecommerce segmentation, ecommerce automation workflows, quick transactional emails, and web push notifications.

Who should use GetResponse?

Big fish, giant sea? GetResponse will grow you into a shark 🦈! 

GetResponse is built to fit the needs of:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online marketers
  • Marketing managers
  • Ecommerce
  • Large and mid-sized companies

It’s a scalable and cost-effective solution covering all bases regarding marketing and sales funnel, making it the perfect AWeber alternative.

GetResponse review - AWeber alternative.
We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback - Viral Digital Creators 33


GetResponse score

GetResponse score - an AWeber alternative.
We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback - Viral Digital Creators 34

AWeber alternative #2: ConvertKit — creator’s best friend

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 19.17.43

ConvertKit is an excellent AWeber alternative because it takes care of everything related to growing the audience and earning online for creators who just want to do their thing 💰💻.

Primarily focused on creative individuals rather than companies, ConvertKit is a solution that covers email marketing, commerce, and landing pages

Automation and ease of use are the main selling points of ConvertKit. It caters to people who’d rather get this done fast and easy instead of manually tinkering with email marketing.

Reasons to choose ConvertKit

There’s plenty of features that make ConvertKit attractive for creatives working solo, the most noticeable of them being:

  • Email marketing for creators
  • Commerce functionalities
  • Great landing pages
  • Strong automation

Email marketing is made easy; the email designer has a clean editor (although it’s not drag and drop) and there are templates to save time: set one as default and use it whenever. 

ConvertKit boasts a high deliverability rate (98%) if your emails are correct, from precise, customer-centric segmentation. Organize the subscribers with tags based on their actions/ characteristics, apply custom filters, and send emails that match customer journeys (so you don’t pitch someone who already purchased).

Commerce functionalities — built to sell digital products and recurring subscriptions, with entirely customizable product pages. Branding goes in-depth, and you can add your product page URL and custom domain name. 

All the sales you make are visible from a single dashboard; you can connect ConvertKit with other sales platforms and get a full view, not just what you did with ConvertKit Commerce.

Fantastic landing pages — no coding knowledge required, Unsplash integration, customizable templates responsive on all devices; everything you might need to build a landing page with an irresistible lead magnet

ConvertKit landing pages.

Powerful automation — ConvertKit is supposed to do 90% of the work for users. While they set the rules, customize, and create content, the app considers data and customer journey and sends timely drip content. 

These are also worth mentioning:

  • Decent number of integrations — more than 80! You can access even more with Zapier or build your own with API.
  • Rich knowledge base — blogs, video training, podcasts, courses, workshops, and authentic creator stories: plenty of stuff to help creators out.

Reasons not to choose ConvertKit

To be honest, ConvertKit is a good tool.

Still, it has some downsides:

  • Manual downgrading — If your subscriber list shrinks, your plan won’t automatically update, and it will keep running the more expensive one. You need to email them to request adjustments.
  • Auto-upgrade — once your list grows, ConvertKit automatically upgrades you to the more costly plan, so you need to keep an eye on your subscriber count.
  • No drag and drop email editor – building an email template is not complicated with ConvertKit but it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience
  • Not fit for enterprise — ConvertKit just isn’t cut out to work for large companies, but this is only a downside if you’re looking for enterprise-level tools; creative individuals will love this one, and it can work out for small businesses.
ConvertKit review.
We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback - Viral Digital Creators 35


ConvertKit pricing

The smallest number of email subscribers is 1.000 — the pricing looks like this:

ConvertKit pricing.

Good news — there’s a Free plan and no credit card info required!

This one is a perfect fit for creators who are only starting and have yet to build their audience.

Creator plan goes for $29/month once you get past 1.000 subscribers. Creator plan is good if you’re already in the game but wish to automate marketing and grow while staying dedicated to your craft.

Creator Pro plan costs $59/ month, and it’s for more prominent players.

Get a yearly subscription, and you’ll get two months for free.

ConvertKit offers a refund for users who cancel their plans within the first 30 days. For Creator and Creator Pro, there are 14-day free trials available.

Who is ConvertKit for?

You may benefit from ConvertKit if you create digital (or physical) products and market/ sell them online 🎨.

This includes:

  • Online content creators (blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, course creator, etc.) 
  • Course creators
  • Freelancers

So — individuals, not companies. This is what makes it stand out as one of the best AWeber alternatives.

Want to learn more? Read our GetResponse vs. ConvertKit review

ConvertKit score

ConvertKit score.
We’ve Used 4 Best AWeber Alternatives – Here’s Our Feedback - Viral Digital Creators 36

AWeber alternative #3: ActiveCampaign — CXA made easy

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 20.05.03

ActiveCampaign is a robust customer experience automation (CXA) platform that helps you stay in touch with your customers and make them happy 😊.

Email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools are scaled to fit B2B and ecommerce companies, making it a terrific AWeber alternative.

ActiveCampaign goes beyond simple email campaigns and nurtures the customer relationship at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Reasons to choose ActiveCampaign

Email marketing is serious business to them:

  • Multiple email types to choose from — broadcast, campaigns, newsletters, all beautiful and easy to design with existing templates, optimized for mobile. 
  • Email funnels and automation — set your email triggers and autoresponders, create targeted emails and schedule them as you see fit.
  • Next-level personalization — precise segmentation and dynamic content lead more people to engage.

Marketing automation is powered by visitor behavior: constant info is pulled from all the platforms and analyzed, so each person gets a relevant email that they’ll find value in.

CRM and sales automation — ActiveCampaign has a central platform from which you can manage all contacts. Lead prioritization is automated as well, with lead scoring, win probability, and auto-segmentation. 

Machine learning lets none of the data go to waste and constantly improves how you interact with customers.

Reasons not to choose ActiveCampaign

This powerful app still has some flaws you should pay attention to:

Here’s how one user compared ActiveCampaign to ConvertKit and Mailchimp:

ActiveCampaign g2 review - story how user migrated from AWeber to ConvertKit, and then finally to ActiveCampaign.


Another user named these flaws:

ActiveCampaign review.


ActiveCampaign pricing

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 20.14.23

The price depends on multiple factors: billing sequence (monthly or yearly), number of contacts, plan scope (Lite, Plus, Professional or Enterprise), and use case (Marketing, Sales, Transactional, or a combination of them).

A free trial is available only for 14 days, no credit cards required — but it doesn’t reveal the full scope of features.

It’s worth mentioning that ActiveCampaign offers a 20% discount for nonprofits. 

Who is ActiveCampaign for?

ActiveCampaign has advanced features and focuses on:

  • Ecommerce
  • Digital Businesses
  • B2B Companies

If you feel that your customer relationship needs some serious polishing, and the job is too big for manual labor — ActiveCampaign is the right choice ☑️.

Want to learn more? Read our GetResponse vs. ActiveCampaign review

ActiveCampaign score

ActiveCampaign score.
screenshot 2023 03 28 at 20.19.39

Constant Contact is an attractive AWeber alternative; it is dedicated to individuals starting their small businesses and nonprofits; it helps them build their brand, attract and engage with customers, and successfully sell more products/ services 📈.

Reasons to choose Constant Contact

Constant Contact uses innovative, data, and AI-powered tools to help people without advanced tech skills build responsive websites, online stores, communicate, sell and share.

Simplified social media marketing — Constant Contact emphasizes social media presence, knowing how important they are to engage with crowds. Their tools enable centralized social posting and social monitoring, with a social marketing calendar for a clear view.

Google Ads and Google My Business — boost your SEO and display your business in Google searches.

Streamlined contact list management — all the contacts are stored in a single, central database, pouring from all the marketing channels and integrations you use. You can also import and organize the contacts and send relevant emails to each segment.

Email marketing tools — Constant Contact’s email marketing tools are practical and easy-to-use.

SMS marketing — The newly introduced SMS marketing feature expands your reach by adding text message marketing to your toolkit. SMS marketing is available as an add-on, starting at $10/month.

Support is excellent: you can pick chat or phone support and access the resources to learn more. Marketing advisor is available 1on1 as an add-on.

On top of all that, you get customizable pop-ups, engaging sign-up forms and ecommerce integrations among other things.

Reasons not to choose Constant Contact

  • Email design is too basic — templates are very plain and outdated, with visible Constant Contact branding. You’d need more advanced tools to create modern, polished emails.
  • Weak mobile app — you can do a lot more on desktop, which gets frustrating if you’re on the go and need to make quick fixes.
  • Poor data insights — you only get rudimentary data about what’s going on with your campaigns, so you can’t exactly pinpoint what works.
  • High price point — depending on your needs and list size, it can get pretty expensive.
Constant Contact review.


Others, however, like Constant Contact, as they seem to be improving:

Constant Contact review.


Constant Contact is rather basic, which can be a good thing for beginners, but it seriously lacks advanced features that other AWeber alternatives offer 📢.

Constant Contact pricing

Constant Contact has two plans, both of which depend on the number of contacts:

screenshot 2023 03 28 at 21.28.11

The Core plan is best suited for those just beginning their marketing journey with their customer base. It’s an affordable solution, but lacks some of the advanced features. The Plus plan, starting at $45/month for 500 subscribers, includes everything in the Core plan, along with additional tools such as list-growth tools like Google ads, dynamic content personalization, automated communications and in-depth reporting.

The first 2 months are free, so that you can test things out.

Who should use Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has features that are best suited for:

  • Nonprofits
  • Small businesses
  • Individuals

Choose Constant Contact if you have limited email marketing experience and want something nice, easy, and very basic as your AWeber alternative.

Want to learn more? Read our GetResponse vs. Constant Contact review

Constant Contact score

Constant Contact score.

AWeber alternatives: Full feature comparison

PricingAWeberGetResponseConvertKitActiveCampaignConstant Contact
Free planYesYesYesNoNo
Standard plan$22.50 p/m for 1000 contacts$15.58 p/m for 1000 contacts$25 p/m for 1000 contacts$29 p/m for 1000 contacts$35 p/m for 1000 contacts
Medium plan$30 p/m for 1000 contacts$48.38 p/m for 1000 contacts$50 p/m for 1000 contacts$49 p/m for 1000 contacts$70 p/m for 1000 contacts contacts
Pro planN/A$97.58 p/m for 1000 contactsN/A$149 p/m for 1000 contactsN/A
Maximum plan$899 p/m for unlimited contactsCustom pricing (personalized and flexible)N/ACustom pricing (personalized and flexible)N/A
FeaturesAWeberGetResponseConvertKitActiveCampaignConstant Contact
Email marketingYesYesYesYesYes
Forms and popupsYesYesYesYesYes
Landing pagesYesYesYesYesNo (legacy feature)
Marketing automationYesYes (Advanced)YesYes (Advanced)Yes
Data & reportingYesYes (Advanced)YesYes (Advanced)Yes
Conversion funnelsNoYesYesNoNo
Paid adsNoYesNoNoYes
Live chatsNoYesNoYesNo
Transactional emailsNoYesNoYesNo
Web push notificationsYesYes (Also in Marketing Automation)NoNoNo
Number of languages the dashboard is available in12611411

Which one of these AWeber alternatives is the best for you?

Pick GetResponse if:

  • You need a robust yet user-friendly marketing automation platform that covers email marketing, automation, high-converting landing pages, webinars, live chats, paid ads, and more related tools.
  • You want superb automation capabilities and streamlined workflow.
  • It has to be something cost-effective yet scalable for your SMB or Enterprise.

Create a free forever GetResponse account today.

Pick ConvertKit if:

  • You’re a freelancer, solopreneur, small business owner – and selling/marketing online goods and services.
  • You need something to manage email marketing and boost sales while you do your work.

Pick ActiveCampaign if:

  • You feel you could improve your current customer experience with a powerful toolkit.
  • Want to automate on a large scale, but retain authenticity and meaningful communication.

Pick Constant Contact if:

  • You’re an individual, small business, or nonprofit.
  • You’re not tech-savvy or marketing-savvy, so you need a basic AWeber alternative with few functionalities.

Author’s note: This comparison is accurate on March 28h, 2023. We do our best to keep it as accurate as possible, and we check it on a regular basis, however, if you want to acquaint yourself with the offer of our competitors, you should check it at their official website or contact their representatives.

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